Stocking Up on Prescription Medications

I consider myself lucky that I have no major health problems and no recurring need of prescription medications, but a lot of people aren’t so fortunate. They need certain medications, everyday or face harmful health effects or even death.

Having a supply of prescription medications on hand post collapse could mean the difference between survival or being another number added to the death toll.

Getting more than a 30 day supply, at least in the U.S., can be difficult if not impossible. To many druggies, peddlers and riffraff, you know the whole drug war thing.

So how do you stock up on prescription medical supplies? How do you get enough on hand to see you though an extended emergency, one that could last for months or even years?

Even if you have a sympathetic doctor that you can talk into writing an extended prescription, getting around the insurance company’s “three month limit” policy can be an insurmountable roadblock.

I know some people that have taken the prescription card (or copies) to multiple pharmacies to obtain extra medications, only to get caught when the insurance company refused to pay for the multiple prescriptions.

The only way to make this work would be to pay for the extra medications entirely out of your own pocket. This could get expensive rather quickly, but if you are determined and have the cash this remains an option. Just don’t be surprised when you are looking through the wrong side of a jail cell, can’t say I didn’t warn you. So don’t come to me all teary-eyed and sobbing.

Some countries such as India, Egypt, Turkey and Mexico have a reputation for a fairly relaxed attitude toward prescription drugs. If you travel to these areas picking up what you need could be as simple as asking. I have never done this myself, but have heard of people pulling it off, and it is perfectly legal if done right.

Others have had good luck ordering non narcotic type drugs from on line sources such as Pharmacy International and others.

I am by no means the final word on this, do a little research of your own. Find out about laws and other potential pitfalls. Remember a screw up here could lead to an unwanted date with Bubba, his can of Vaseline and the confines of a prison cell.

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